with Rebecca


~ Online workshop ~
be supported through
an anxious mind

Learn a three-step meditation practice to help you through unrest and a create vision to inspire hope and move forward

Develop a personal system to help you through hard moments
Have guided meditations at the ready to support you through
Experience the forward momentum of a simple yet profound vision

Gain access to this mini online course that will offer you skills and guided support – including 2 video modules, printable PDF worksheets, recorded audio and video guided meditations

Gain lifetime access to Rest In Unrest: Meditation & Vision for the Anxious Mind and not only have tools accessible to you when you need it, but develop skills to use on your own where ever you are.

~ Online course ~
go from overthinking & overwhelmed to clear & calm

Learn how to confidently develop a daily meditation & vision practice to support you through the ups and downs of life

Be able to release stress – ground, calm, focus – at a moment’s notice
Create a vision for your daily life and turn it into reality
Experience more quality moments in your life

Join a nine week online course that is taken as a community with support and accountability – including 7 video modules, professional printable workbook with vision & journaling exercises, LIVE Q&A’s, LIVE mindset coaching, LIVE guided meditation practices

Enroll in Manifest (Your Life) With Meditation by April 23rd and join the community that will support you as you create a daily life filled with more joy, presence, the feelings and things you’ve been yearning for.

~online single classes ~
guided meditations

Be guided through a meditation experience whenever you’d like it 

Shop through a growing list of guided meditation videos and audios
Once you purchase, gain lifetime access

Gain lifetime access to single online classes

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