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(without feeling defeated by a too-busy racing mind, not enough
time in the day, or crippling overwhelm and self-doubt)

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This course is filled with so much support that I only run it a couple times a year to ensure that I give my all to each and every student! 

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If you’re someone who loves to learn and try new things that might bring you to your personal goals, who is looking to get to know yourself better, slow down and feel the joy of the moment more often, while feeling calm, grounded, and inspired, then you probably already know that you need to develop meditation and goal-setting practice. 

So I’ll spare you the spiel.

No need to be a self-help broken record to drill this knowledge into your joy-seeking mind. 

After all, you probably already KNOW that developing a daily meditation practice and supplementing it with goal-setting can give you the confidence and ability to find calmness, clarity, and inspiration at a moment’s notice – whether you are comfy at home on your couch, or in the heat of the moment  –  AND this powerful combination can give you the ability to discover what you most desire and how to get there. 

You’ve probably also heard that by combining meditation and goal-setting, your goals become more attainable, and your stress-releasing meditation practice stays strong and unwavering. 



Even if you’re lucky enough to have self-care tools in your life like yoga, running, listening to guided meditations, setting goals around the new year – here’s what developing a meditation and goal-setting practice together can do for you:


Even if you feel really solid in your own skin, as life goes on and changes, so do you. What if you had a daily practice that allowed you to continue to get to know yourself deep down underneath all the things we tend to identify with – like what we do or where we live – and continue to meet and greet who you REALLY are? 

Imagine how that could impact your daily choices, how you relate to yourself, how you relate to others, how you direct attention to your personal goals. 


It’s one thing to decide that you want something in your life, whether it is a career change, a healthier lifestyle, or a new coat of paint in your home, but it is quite another thing to make it happen. What if you had a practice that allowed you to get from point A of wanting these things, to point B of living them?


Sure, most of us have ways to release stress, like booking a massage, going on a vacation, going for a walk, or reading a book. Maybe you already listen to guided meditations that help you unwind. But what about in moments when you don’t have access to these things? No phone, no internet, no booked appointments, no ability to go for a walk alone – the only thing you have is your mind and your breath. Imagine knowing how to use those two things to calm yourself down in the heat of the moment, release tension in your shoulders, or dial in your wandering mind to increase productivity? 


“Listen to your body when it whispers so you don’t have to hear it scream” – Unknown. 

Creating a daily practice allows you to release stress as it comes so it does not build into a bigger issue. Then when you are no longer on “fixing mode”, you can enjoy the deeper benefits like a lasting calm, grounded feeling , and more joy-filled moments even on a mundane day. 


 You know how to enjoy life for sure. But what if it always seems to be on special occasions? Holidays, birthdays, weekends, time off. What about all the moments that make up the daily routine? Practicing daily meditation and goal-setting can allow you to slow down, appreciate, and enjoy the most precious moments of the day that are often missed in the hustle and bustle of life. 

Even though the reasons to create a meditation & goal-setting practice are obvious, the path to actually doing it is anything but. 


But how to fit that into an overthinking, overwhelming busy schedule?

Perhaps around the New Year, you decided to set a goal (maybe a few others too) to start a new meditation practice.

You talked to friends and coworkers about ways that they had started, downloaded apps, looked up tips from blogs, scrolled through YouTube, and decided to give it a go. 

You were not sure exactly how to sit (since when have you questioned how to sit?) and couldn’t quite get comfortable. You listened to the soothing voice guiding you through what to do and couldn’t help but wonder if you were doing it right. Is this all this meditation thing is about?

Suddenly you found yourself overthinking it (figures, you overthink everything in your life. But isn’t this supposed to help with that?) and your mind is racing not only about the normal things, but now racing about meditating. How is this helpful again?

If you were really determined, maybe you muscled through and stuck with it even though you questioned every thought. Maybe you started to feel some calming effects from time to time but felt frustrated when you were left in silence. 

Anytime your mind wandered in meditation it left you feeling defeated, confused, and as if you just wasted your time because you couldn’t possibly have been able to get the benefits you heard about in that monkey-brain session. 

You even wondered if you perhaps are uniquely unable to meditate. Maybe it just isn’t for you. Maybe your mind is too busy to meditate. 

You either pick up a guided meditation from time to time (lying down because who can feel calmer after sitting cross-legged with a back ache?), or you scratch the whole thing all together. 

The next month the calendar rolls around you realize that yet again, another New Year’s resolution goal goes unconquered. Maybe there’s next year

Here's why most would-be meditators scrap the idea:

Without an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach with troubleshooting (to calm those questioning thoughts) to learning how to meditate and set goals in a way that allows them to become reality, most would-be practitioners feel confused, frustrated, lost, and wonder if they are meditating right or if meditation is right for them.

They fall victim to overthinking, worrying about the overthinking, wondering how taking time out of their already too-full day can be helpful, or lack of clarity on how this process really is beneficial. 

Here's why this is all irreversibly crippling:

As a busy human with work to do, family to care for, a home to clean and take care of, your health to manage, fun things to do if at all possible, hobbies to stay on top of, adding in ONE more thing to your to do list needs to be so useful, powerful, and beneficial for it to be worth it. 

The moment you feel like something is adding stress rather than taking it away, if it isn’t necessary, you cannot afford to give it more time and energy. 

Therefore, adding in a stress-releasing self-care routine NEEDS to be simple, stress-free, and restorative RIGHT AWAY.

And lucky for you, there is a proven roadmap that can get you feeling the benefits to these practices without adding stress in the learning process. 

Even if you’ve set goals to try meditation many times before, today is a new day with a fresh start, and a golden opportunity to start learning how to meditate (and manifest the lifestyle you yearn for). 

That is… if you can avoid the trial and error process that a lot of new meditation and goal-setting practitioners are facing.

The 5 Reasons Most

Meditation Practices Fizzle Out

(and how to guarantee yours won't!)

Reason #1

Believing that meditation is only beneficial if your mind is blank (and is supposed to make your mind go blank).

    • Meditation is NOT supposed to make your mind go blank! Instead it is helping you to become more AT EASE with your thoughts
    • The very act of noticing your mind has wandered and redirecting it to the meditation is very beneficial – think of strengthening a muscle at the gym, each time you do this is like doing another rep with a weight
    • A racing mind in meditation is actually a sign that stress is being released! So as long as you continue to follow the simple instructions, a thought-filled meditation just means you are clearing out the clutter in your mind and will leave you feeling much better
Reason #2

Having the mindset and expectations of an Advanced Meditator when you begin.

If you sit down and expect to have a very deep, blissful, out-of body experience the first time you meditate, and instead experience a racing mind it can be disheartening. As adults we have a tendency to forget to be true beginners when starting something new. We forget the amount of practice it took for the person we are comparing ourselves to to get where they are. 

What if instead you entered into a new practice allowing yourself to be a beginner and go through the learning process? With a beginner’s mindset, we can start a new practice while allowing our brains to be like sponges – soaking up as much information as we can. 

Reason #3

All or Nothing mentality – you must meditate for an hour a day to be beneficial, and you don’t have that kind of time. 

First, whenever starting a new habit, I like to start small – ease into it. If we pile on too much to start, it will become overwhelming and our progress will dwindle. 

Instead, start small, pick a doable amount of time to begin and then maintain FLEXIBILITY. You are a super human, wearing many many hats. It is natural for your schedule to change, for life to step in and cancel all your plans. That does not mean that your progress is erased – just paused. Begin again with kindness and ease, remembering that each day is new. 

Second, I recommend working your way up to 20 minutes – not an hour – a day to meditate.

Third, simply the act of starting to learn a few meditation techniques and getting comfortable with them can greatly benefit your life, whether you stick to a daily habit or not. So begin as soon as you can so you too can start using calming techniques throughout the ups and downs of your day!

Reason #4

I can’t possibly add ONE MORE THING to my to do list, even though I want to. 

Imagine that you had a list of errands to run and you were doing them everyday walking miles to get from place to place. There is an option to walk a block to your car, but you just can’t add in one more errand to do, so you skip that and do all the others. But if you did take the time to walk to your car, it would make all of your errands go by smoother, easier, and end up saving you time and energy in the long run. 

Adding in a meditation practice is like that. (I know it sounds like hyperbole from the outside, but when you begin to experience the benefits, it makes so much sense!) When stacked next to all the other things you have to do in one day, it can seem like something that needs to get cut first. However, if it becomes a priority on your list, everything else will run smoother, easier and you will end up with more time, energy, and less stress. 

Reason #5

Life is stressful and hard – there is nothing I can do about it, other than get a new life (been there, done that – still doesn’t work).

Stress is not people, events, circumstances – stress is our physical reaction to those things. We cannot change what others do, what happens to us, instead we can change how we respond to our surroundings. 

Using the power of meditation, we can become at ease with our thoughts, allow our emotions to flow – to come and to go – calm down when we choose to and so on. 

You have so much capability to feel the way you desire, my friend, all you need is a framework to learn the skills to do so. And I am here to guide you.

Shh...I'm about to let you in on a


Even though starting a meditation practice and setting goals seems like an easy thing to do, you totally get how it tends to be more complicated when you are in it for the long haul. 

Like when you are entering into using these practices to create massive shifts in your life – like being able to feel calm and relaxed WHENEVER you need to, to get to know yourself, to learn about what you want in life and how to work towards it – with the intention to stick to a long-term self-care routine that will continue to add value to your life. 

Even though there are so many quick ways to start setting goals and creating a meditation practice, it’s not all that easy and simple to stick with it. 

A few people who learn what to expect, what to do, how to customize their practice will utilize these practices to continue to manifest their desires in life, while many fizzle out. 

The main reason for this, as you’ve likely seen by now, is that it seems so quick, fast, and easy to start…

…and without discovering techniques, what to expect, and how to move through your practice it can become confusing, frustrating, and defeating to continue.

But as long as you can avoid the biggest misconceptions that lead to this frustration that so many would-be practitioners face, the path is paved for you and your own personalized meditation & goal-setting practice that will bring support and value to your life. 


Manifest (Your Life)


From Overthinking & Overwhelmed to Clear & Inspired

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from building and practicing a daily meditation practice for years, reading books, taking workshops, and teacher trainings, the trial and error process of combining them together in a way that was highly transformational for my own life and channeled it into a highly comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you how to confidently practice the techniques that can transform your life, but the actual EXECUTION of how you can do the same. 

Manifest (Your Life) With Meditation isn’t so much a training workshop, as it is an IMPLEMENTATION PROGRAM

Yes you’ll learn the techniques and what to expect behind every practice, but more importantly you’ll know how to apply them to your own life in a way that will help you manifest your own deepest desires.

The end result: an incredibly actionable and beneficial daily practice that will help you maintain feeling grounded, calm, a and clarity allowing you to feel more and more like YOURSELF and live in the way you DESIRE even through the ups and downs of life.

Manifest (Your Life)

With Meditation

Is the first course of it's kind that...


 This isn’t just another personal growth program to start with excitement and not finish when life gets in the way. Start feeling the benefits RIGHT AWAY that will keep you plugging along. 


If you are meditating right, how it is helping you, what to do when you have certain experiences – you will not only know all these answers, but will know how to implement them into your life


Teaches you how meditation & goal-setting can help you through the heat of the moment


Don’t take on this seemingly overwhelming new habit alone – instead soak up the benefits of accountability, community, support, coaching. Take advantage of all of them to create a customized practice for your individual needs and desires. 


No more falling back into the same habits after the inspiration fades away. Stick to your self-care routine while uncovering subconscious limiting beliefs, and having a chance to rewrite them into EMPOWERING beliefs.



Module 1

Build Your Foundation 

This is where you get to learn all the insider tips and tricks that long-time meditators have come to discover through lots of trial and error, only instead you have the benefits of STARTING your meditation practice with a tool belt FULL of these tools. 

You get to Spark Your Vision for your life in a fun and enlightening way, uncovering aspect of your life you did not realize you desired. 

When you have a solid foundation filled with knowing what to expect, how to navigate any experience, and how to make the future practices as beneficial for you personally as possible, AND you have a chance to spark the vision for your life, you have everything you need to not only move through the each new practice with inspiration, excitement, and confidence, but to begin feeling the benefits RIGHT AWAY. 

  • Discover why meditation is useful, how it will actually reduce stress in your life so you will feel more inspired to carve out time to do it
  • Know what to expect during meditation practices, clearing up any confusion you might have every experienced. 
  • Spark Your Vision with pen and paper, uncovering desires, things standing in your way, and a general direction of where you want to go
  • Learn how to sit WITHOUT pain, how to breathe to relax, and when is the most optimal time to meditate
  • Break the ice and start meditating with an easy, doable practice. Choose the amount of time that is best for you to kick your daily practice off with EASE, choosing 1 minute, 3 minutes, or 5 minutes to get going. 

Module 2: Relaxation

Now that you know everything you need to know to meditate, and have eased in with a simple and DOABLE starter practice, it is time to dive in fully to a daily meditation practice! You will learn a new technique that will switch your body and mind into deep relaxation – at will!

Now that you’ve sparked your vision, it is time to brainstorm your goals, getting it all out on the paper. Then you will figure out what your ‘why’ is behind each one. 

Learning how to RELAX at will is the first step towards Manifesting your life. Think about it – when your muscles and thoughts are consistently tense and stressed, how easy is it to feel inspired? Creative? Motivated? By learning this important step, you will not only learn a building block in a seated meditation practice, allow your imagination to flow releasing any hidden desires for potential goals, but also release tension blocking you from manifesting your life. 


  • Learn how relaxation can be yours at will whenever you need it – whether you are near a phone, a beach, soft music, or not. Wherever your mind and your breath are, you will now be able to find relaxation too
  • Be guided through a relaxation meditation and then learn how to practice it on your own without guidance 
  • Go through a goal-setting exercise that will connect your brain more deeply to your goals, and flag them as important and worthy of attention

Module 3: Present Moment Awareness

Now that you can relax your body at will, you have the capacity to focus a busy, wandering mind. You can now learn how to redirect your thoughts away from harmful negative thought-loops, distractions, or overwhelm and tune in to the present moment where life’s most precious moments of joy can be found. 

Now that you have brainstormed your goals, gotten clear about your “why” behind them, it is time to narrow them down to the most important ones to spend energy on. 

As you develop your ability to focus in meditation, you will know how to implement that focus on the present moment, productivity, and clarity to bring your goals to life. 


  • Use my own professionally designed goal-setting framework to hone your focus on the desires that are most important at this time in your life
  • Learn a new meditation technique, honing your ability to focus on the NOW
  • Discover how being more present can bring you closer to manifesting the life you seek 

Module 4: Self-Discovery

You now know how to relax and focus your mind which opens the doors up to SELF-DISCOVERY. Spend time in a meditation practice that takes you so deeply into relaxation that you can begin to explore who you are really underneath your thought-patterns, beliefs, and mindsets. 

Explore a professionally-crafted journaling exercise that will guide you through rewriting subconscious limiting beliefs into EMPOWERING beliefs. 

By spending time in self-discovery, you have the power to release things that might have been holding you back all along. Without doing so, you would have run the risk of falling back into those old patterns as soon as inspiration or momentum slips on your path to achieving your goals. 


  • Discover how to access a healing and nourishing state of consciousness that we all may slip into naturally from time to time, at will with the ability to stay there for longer, more beneficial periods of time.
  • Learn one of my personal favorite meditation techniques that will feel so rejuvenating you may even look forward to your meditation practice!
  • Release old patterns, beliefs, and mindsets that no longer serve you

Module 5: Compassion

Now that you have cleared away old patterns, stress, and beliefs that subconsciously held you back, it is time to expand into abundance through a compassion meditation. Your daily meditation practice is increasing in amount of time with confidence and joy.

You will take your goals and change your mindset around them, working towards allowing yourself to not only believe they are possible, but to allow yourself to have them. 

By expanding into abundance and reframing your mindset around your desires, your ability to manifest not only a daily meditation self-care routine, but also your dreams suddenly shifts from being a wish to becoming a real, valid belief.


  • Befriend yourself in a new and rejuvenating way through the practice of compassion
  • Shift your mindset around your goals, enabling them to become a part of your daily life using a golden roadmap 
  • Be guided through a meditation that will move you, and feel as if no time at all passes by.

Module 6: Intention Visualization

Now that you’ve built a foundation, know how to relax and focus, went through transformational self-discovery and expansion in abundance, all the while uncovering your goals and deepening your connection to them, it is time to put it all together in one practice. 

Learn a meditation that takes you through working with some meditation techniques you are now comfortable with and then visualizing the life you want to manifest in a way that creates inspiration, healing, and drive to finally make it all happen! 


  • Create a finalized list of your goals to be framed or placed in your line of sight each and every day
  • Merge your goal-setting and meditation practices into one powerful experience to be repeated whenever your inspiration falters
  • Finally feel confident and capable as your meditation practice evolves to be a solid daily twenty minutes in your personal schedule – without confusion, discouragement, or a feeling of impossibility

Module 7: Customize Your Practice

You now have experience with six different meditation technique, know how to practice them both seated (without pain!) with your eyes closed AND throughout your daily activities to keep stress at bay and continue feeling and responding to life in the way you most desire. 

You know how to unearth your deepest desires and how to chisel them down to be simple yet powerful morsels of inspiration and drive towards a daily life you have been dreaming of. 

In this module you learn how to pick and choose these techniques to create your own customized practice going forward to help you through whatever life hands you, to continue down your path of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. You also realize that you are continuing down a path of a lifetime taht will continue to evolve and bring you more and more benefits. 

Exclusive Bonus #1

~ Full Support, Community, Accountability ~

Members-Only Private Facebook Group

This course on its own has EVERYTHING you need to create a daily meditation practice, discover your personal goals, and how to manifest them using meditation.

But we know that starting a self-care practice is desirable yes, but it isn’t easy. Which is why I don’t want you to be ALONE through it.  

As a bonus, there will be a members-only PRIVATE facebook group to create COMMUNITY, CONNECTION, and ACCOUNTABILITY. 

 Imagine having the support of fellow students who are going through the same thing as you?

Exclusive Bonus #2

Live Q&A Coaching

The course itself walks you through the entire process step-by-step, walking you through creating a daily meditation practice and turning your goals into life. You can do it all on your own. But why should you have to? 

One of the most important and BENEFICIAL ways to build a daily meditation practice, is having a place to go to ask ALL of your questions. When we are dealing with something so personal as exploring the inner workings of our mind, there are going to be questions that come up – experiences, curiosity, confusion – no matter how much I prepped for that in the actual course, each student will have their own experience and having a place to GO to receive support is something I find SO important. 

Imagine having a teacher to be able to ask any question you have about your own personal experience?The videos will walk you through everything you need to know, but imagine having a resource filled with information and exercises right at your fingertips that you can touch, write in, and hold on to for as long as you wish?


Which is why as a SECOND bonus, I will be offering Live Q&A coaching calls once each module to answer all your individual questions to support you through every step. 

This is the only meditation and goal-setting course that takes you through these practices AS A COMMUNITY through Live Q&A Coaching Calls Live Guided Practices once a module, and a private Facebook group. 


Exclusive Bonus #3

Live Guided Meditation Practices

One of the greatest experiences in meditation is being able to meditate with others –  using the same technique. It is a beautiful, nourishing experience, and it helps you to go a bit deeper. 

I didn’t want you to just experience the pre-recorded guided meditation practices as you are learning them – I want you to have the most VALUABLE experience to help build confidence and transformation. 


Which is why as a third bonus, I will be hosting Live Guided Meditation practices once each module so we can all practice meditation together. This is honestly one of my favorite parts of this program!

 Imagine having a chance to feel the power of mediating with others as you meditate in the comfort of your own home while others around the world are practicing the same meditation at the same time. 

Manifest (Your Life) With Meditation

all includes...

The Full Manifest (Your Life) With Meditation Course Program

You’ll gain access to seven video modules, a printable workbook, guided meditation videos & audios, goal-setting exercises, journaling prompts, a private Facebook Group, Live Q&A Coaching calls, Live Guided Meditations, and the support, accountability, and every tool you’ll need to build your very own daily meditation & goal-setting practice. 

Bonus #1 Members-Only Facebook Group

Nine weeks of community, accountability, support so you won’t be alone through a transformational experience. Connect with other like-minded individuals all on the path towards the lives they most desire living. 

Bonus #2 Live Q&A Coaching Calls

Seven coaching calls so you can have ALL your personal questions answered as they come up through each experience. Be supported through your transformation. 

Bonus #3 Live Guided Meditation Practices

Enjoy the most special, rewarding experience of meditating together as a community – even in the comfort of your own home. Let us all practice together.

Enrollment Opens April 2020

Will you be joining us?

This course is filled with so much support that I only run it a couple times a year to ensure that I give my all to each and every student! 

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- FAQ -

Questions Our Top Students Have Asked Before Enrolling in

Manifest (Your Life) With Meditation:

A meditative state is as natural for the brain as being awake, asleep, or dreaming is. The only difference is that we need a little guidance getting there. Why? We live in a culture that does not value silence. In cultures to do, a meditative state might be naturally stumbled upon. 

Combining goal-setting and meditation creates a powerful system that supports the success of each other. Developing a daily meditation practice using techniques ordered in a specific way all work to systematically take stress off the mind, remove old patterns, shift mindsets will remove barriers, support, and manifest your goals. Likewise, working on developing a goal-setting practice that seeks to turn wishes into strong daily habits will support the creation of a daily meditation and the consistency it requires. 

A meditation practice does NOT seek to make the mind go blank. It is natural for the mind to think and flow with thoughts. A meditation practice instead seeks (among many things) to become at ease with thoughts and less controlled by them. In this course you will learn how a racing mind during meditation is actually similar to decluttering a house before being able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the space. As the mind races during meditation, your mind is clearing away stress and old blockages. When enough ‘clutter’ is cleared, you will begin to enjoy deeper, quieter meditations.

In this course, you will learn exactly what to expect during guided portions of the meditation and how to navigate silence in a way that will be most beneficial and productive of your time and effort. You will learn how to practice meditation on your own without guidance with confidence and ease. 

You’re in luck! In this course, you will go through an exercise to first discover your goals. Then throughout the rest of the course you will dissect them, connect to them, understand the ‘why’ behind them, rewrite limiting beliefs blocking you from them, until they become simple mindset shifts that become actionable and transformational as they transition to be a part of your daily life. Essentially, this course is working not so much on an actionable goal-achieving plan, but instead seeking to get to the heart of your goals, understand them, and work with the mindset itself behind them so they can become lasting shifts in your daily life. 

This course is taken as a community, with support and accountability. We begin together with the Facebook group to connect, and the (optional) Live Q&A Coaching Sessions and Live Guided Practices occurring once each Module (Live Sessions will be posted for Replay after inside the course if you miss the time). Each module will last nine days before the next one is released. However it is strongly encouraged to go through the material at your own pace. If you want to spend a longer period of time in each module it is recommended that you do so. Questions from any module will be encouraged for each Live Q&A Coaching Session. 

There is a 21 Grace period. By the end of the 21 days, you will already have printed the FULL WORKBOOK giving you all the exercises in written form, have experienced and implemented THREE meditation techniques, have narrowed your goals down to a few important ones to focus on and connect to all BEFORE making a final commitment. 

If you don’t feel well on your way to seeing how it IS possible for YOU to create a beneficial daily meditation practice that will help you find relaxation, presence, connection, and joy through the ups and downs of life AND know how to manifest your goals into reality, just reach out to Rebecca at within 21 days, show her you put in an honest effort, and we will send you back your investment just like that. 

When you enroll today, you will gain access to the Manifest Your Life With Meditation online course containing 7 Modules full of meditation and goal-setting techniques designed to take you from overthinking and overwhelmed to clear and inspired to experience more joy in your daily life and feel empowered to manifest the life you most desire. As a bonus, you will receive a downloadable, printable workbook holding a calendar, all the information you need, and exercises to go through the course. 

You will gain access to a community in a private Facebook Group  offering connection, accountability, and support. In this community I will offer Live Q&A Coaching Sessions and Live Guided Meditation Practices once each module (20-30 minutes each) that will be available to watch at a later time if your schedule conflicts. Just by being a member of our community you will have access to two more bonuses: an audio recording playlist of long, relaxing guided meditations to lull you into deep relaxation, help you fall asleep, or support your body’s natural self-healing abilities. If you pay in full today, you will gain access to a final bonus of a five year goal workbook that will guide you through setting and sticking to long-term goals.

Manifest (Your Life)

With Meditation

Is Perfect For You If:

You are just getting started with creating a daily meditation practice and you want to know exactly what to do, what to expect, and how to maximize this time you plan to carve out each day in a way that gives you even more benefits than you hope for. 

You’ve tried meditation before (or even tried to start a daily practice but fell away from it) while feeling confused, overwhelmed, or unsure of what to expect, if you were doing it right, or if it was right for you. 

You’ve tried to set goals in your life before (maybe every New Year) and might have even seen a few of them pan out, but somehow no matter how hard you’ve tried to stay motivated, when the inspiration or momentum slipped away, so did the goals. I might have even wondered if this is just how goal-setting works for you.

You’re excited about the possibility of putting meditation and goal-setting together and are curious to see what the combination can do.

You love to learn, grow and step into transformation. You have always loved taking workshops, reading recommended books, or listening to inspiring podcasts. You love learning from those who have walked the path before you. You find the most transformation happens with guidance, community, and/or immersion. 

You value the idea of self-care and deeply want to experience the benefits from meditation you’ve heard is possible for others. You already put in the time in reading books, listening to podcasts, and devote energy to your health and wellness.

You know how to enjoy life and yearn to do it more consistently, throughout your everyday life, not only through the high points of life. You want to be able to slow down more often and enjoy the moment, even with a busy schedule filled with daily stressors.

You want to learn how to meditate, but worry that perhaps your mind is uniquely too busy to receive the benefits from it. What if you are not zen enough to meditate?

You are ready to follow a proven roadmap guiding you to your desires. You are ready to step into your own transformation by committing to trying something new with an open and curious mind to see where it might bring you.

You have no problem investing a couple hours per week on your own wellness, self-care, and personal growth journey as long as you know that every bit of energy you invest is beneficial and meaningful in clearing away overthinking, overwhelm, and stress and leading you towards a clear, more inspired you.

In fact you’re ALREADY investing time and energy in your wellness by listening to podcasts, trying new practices, taking workshops, reading books in hopes to find a customized self-care routine that works best for you. 

You’re excited to learn MULTIPLE meditation techniques that will help you not only meditate more meaningfully, but also will help you through the heat of the moment.

You feel confident grabbing your access details knowing you have 21 days to test it out. It’s simple: either you do the work and begin to feel the benefits of being able to relax, focus, and release stress at will, allowing you to feel more yourself through life’s ups and downs … or you send Rebecca a quick email and ask her to hit undo on this whole “manifesting your most desired life” experiment. 

If you said “yes” to at least 6 of the above, I CANNOT WAIT to meet you inside of Manifest (Your Life) With Meditation in April!

Enrollment Opens September 2020

Will you be joining us?

This course is filled with so much support that I only run it a couple times a year to ensure that I give my all to each and every student! 

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