Emotions During the Shifting Seasons

As the seasons are shifting around us, it can be natural to feel an array of emotions – sadness and grief over summer coming to a close, nervousness and dread for the coming cold winter.

I personally love the autumn season the most, yet still get caught up in the change and forget to slow down, ground, and become present with the fast-changing beauty around me.

This is why grounding is so important for me during this time of year.

What is grounding? Well I’ll describe a few opposites: feeling scattered, anxious, nervous, buzzing with energy, easily swept up in emotions, etc. Grounding is the slower, heavier quality that allows you to feel more connected with – you named it – the ground. Grounding allows you to feel the earth beneath your feet, the bones in your body.

Time slows down, thoughts slow down, muscles let go of tension, breath regulates.

How do you ground?

Here are a few techniques to try:
– walk barefoot on the ground, slowly
– get a foot massage or pedicure
– practice a body scan mediation

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