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Upcoming Events

June 27th: Virtual Morning Retreat – Meditation, Yoga, & Journaling to awaken peace, calmness, & joy

October 23-25th: Ground & Restore Retreat (in Vermont)

Online Courses

Rest In Unrest: Meditation & Vision For the Unsettled Mind – available now!

Manifest (Your Life) With Meditation: From Overthinking & Overwhelmed to Clear & Calm – enrollment open soon, get on the waitlist!

Hi! I'm Rebecca

“My approach to experiencing more joy in my daily life is through doable and accessible self-care tools, clearing away daily stress, and learning how to live in the present moment. I seek to always practice this philosophy MYSELF and then guide my students from that place” – Rebecca

Free 5 Min Meditations

Meditation Coaching

Do you want to make a positive CHANGE in your life? Do you want to experience more joy, reach more goals, stop feeling so unsettled? Are you ready to put in the energy and work with the support and accountability of a coach guiding you? Join my meditation coaching program where I will teach you tools you need, help you master your mindset, and be there to answer your questions and help you reach your goals. 

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